Belarus. Agrometeorological conditions and crops development


Unstable weather with rainfalls prolonged the period of grain crops maturation. Grain filling of spring crops continues across most territory of the country, grain filling of winter crops is observed mainly in the northern part of the country. Active grain ripening is observed in the south-east of Belarus, where high air temperatures persist. In Gomel region crops are at the stage of complete ripeness, harvesting has started. Grain humidity is higher the norm.

There are mostly 35-45 grains in the main ear, at some fields - to 50-60 grains. On the observed fields where ripening of winter crops had begun, the mass of 1000 grains with standard moisture content is within 34-49 grams. At the areas where the lack of moisture was observed during the grain filling, the mass of 1000 grains is lower than 28-32 grams, part of the grain was hollow. According to some field observations, percentage of hollow grains reaches 20-40. Next week unstable weather will restrain ripening and drying of grain crops.

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