Belarus. Conducting fieldwork will become possible later than last year


Thaws contributed to snow melting. Snow has gone in the south-west of Belarus, but still remains in most of the country. The depth of soil freezing ranged from 20-25 cm to 30-45 cm, even reaching 50-65 cm in some northwestern and southwesternmost areas.

In the south-east of Belarus, single parts of Vitebsk region and the east of Minsk region the soil has frozen to 10-15 cm.

In snow-covered fields, soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter cereals is above optimal. This leads to higher consumption of nutrients by plants. In areas where high snow cover persists, crops will be weaker after the winter and require proper care.

The spring physiological processes in plants stopped at the latter half of the week due to a cold-spell.

Judging by current weather conditions and forecasts for the remainder of the month, Belarusian farmers will become able to conduct fieldwork and sow early spring crops appreciably later this year than in 2017, reports UkrAgroConsult.



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