Belarus. Corn crop development ahead of last year


This year’s large-scale planting of corn was carried out earlier than last year. Warm weather in May promoted rapid emergence of corn seedlings. The time from seeding to emergence lasted mostly 8-10 days. Only in some areas the seedlings emerged in two weeks due to scarce topsoil moisture supply. The pace of corn plant development is faster than last year because of higher air temperatures and earlier seeding

According to the latest observations, corn is at the stage of leaf formation: in most fields, it has 7-9 leaves per plant, even up to 11 leaves in the south. Visual assessments of corn crop condition are good, locally fair. However, decreased soil moisture content made it more difficult for corn plants to grow in size, especially in the south of the country. Withering of plants and drying of leaves have begun in some fields in Gomel region.

The agrometeorological conditions for corn growth and development must improve in the coming days thanks to ongoing and expected rainfalls.

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