Belarus. Corn crop may be three times larger


Cold air temperature, falling below zero at night time in the major part of the Belarus contributed to slower vegetation processes of grain crops and winter rapeseed. In the first half of October sum of effective temperatures (above +5°С) totaled about 40-60°С, which was 10-20°С more than over the same period last year. Winter crops sown in mid-September are at the stage of tillering.

Later sown plants are at the stage of emergence and 3rd leave formation. In the nearest time vegetation processes will continue to slow down due to low air temperatures, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter rapeseed continues to form leave rosette. Visual observation shows that winter rapeseed condition is mainly good and locally in Gomel region – satisfactory and bad. Farms continue to harvest corn for silage and grain.

Due to higher sowing area and yield corn crop in Belarus may increase three times this year.

According to Agrarian Ministry of Belarus, by October 17 60.7 Th ha of corn had been threshed (34.2% of the planned 177.3 Th ha) and 494.7 KMT had been obtained. By the same date last year 36.3 Th ha or 44.2% had been threshed.

Average productivity reached 8.16 MT/ha and was 39% higher than last year (5.89 MT/ha in 2015).

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