Belarus. Corn yield down 4% from last year


According to current information of the Ag Ministry, corn was harvested from 96.5 Th ha by November 06 (74.2% of the plan). Its crop amounted to 773 KMT with an average yield of 8.01 MT/ha. The harvest lags behind last year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time in 2016, corn was harvested from 106.5 Th ha (83.5%) with a crop of 891.4 KMT and an average yield of 8.37 MT/ha.

Slow growth of winter cereals is observed because of the predominance of too low temperatures.

Winter wheat is mostly at the tillering stage, as well as rye and triticale sown before September 20. Winter crops of later planting dates are at the stages of emergence and three leaves. Winter rape plants in most fields had developed leaf rosettes by the stoppage of actiove growth. Visually, winter crops are mostly in good conditions.

Farmers continue harvesting sugar beet, late vegetables and corn for grain. The harvest of corn for silage is drawing to an end. Current precipitation occurrences complicate field work. Slow growth of winter crops will continue in the near future – this will let them develop to a greater degree.

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