Belarus. Development of corn plants is hampered by temperature fluctuation


This year’s weather conditions are worse for corn growth and development than in 2016. The development of corn plants and the build-up of green mass are hampered by temperature fluctuation, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the latest surveys, the leaf formation process continues in corn plants – most of them already have 9-11 leaves. Crops planted in late May and early June have seven leaves per plant. According to visual assessments, crops are in good condition in the fields under observation, though it is fair in parts of Vitebsk region and in the east of Gomel region. However, the plant height as of early July appeared lower than at the same time last year. The conditions for corn yield formation may improve this week due to an air temperature increase.

The development of winter crops still lags 5-10 days behind last year. In the south of the country, winter cereals’ ears contain a normal number of kernels. It is a bit below normal in wheat grown on some light-soil plots. Some weather stations report an increased number of underdeveloped spikes in areas where plants were exposed to soil moisture shortages in the heading period. Recent rainfalls improved the meteorological conditions for ear filling.

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