Belarus harvested 20% less grain


Weather conditions in 2016 were mainly favorable for corn crop formation. During May-August the amount of accumulated effective temperatures above + 10°C was higher than over the same period in 2015. Soil moisture stocks in the corn fields were at the satisfactory level. Crops were partially damaged due to drought stress in the south eastern region of the country.

According to the latest field researches in the South and in the central regions corn was observed at the ripening stage - wax ripeness, in some places full ripeness was noted. Grain filling continued in other fields, milk ripeness was also noted, at later-sown crops in Vitebsk region plants are still at the ear flowering stage.

Harvesting for silage is being carried out in the republic. Harvesting of corn for grain purposes started in the South.

During the first five days of September weather conditions contributed to corn ripening and further harvesting works.

According to the Belarussian Ministry of Agriculture, by August 30 grain crops and pulses had been threshed on the area of 2060.6 Th ha (97.8% of the intended area) against 2179.1 Th ha in 2015.

6907.3 KMT of grain were threshed, which was 20% lower than the volumes obtained by the same date in 2015 - 8653 KMT. The reason was a decline in acreage, as well as lower yields. On the reporting date average yield of grain crops was 16% lower than in 2015 (3.35 MT/ha against 3.97 MT/ha in 2015).

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