Belarus has temporarily restricted the import of poultry from the Orel region


Belarus from 13 July introduced temporary restrictions on the import of poultry from the Orel region of Russia due to bird flu, said on Thursday the Department of veterinary and food supervision of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic.

 "According to the International epizootic Bureau, the new cases of birds with highly pathogenic avian influenza registered in the territory of the Orel region of Russia. In this regard, from July 13, has imposed temporary restrictions on import to Belarus from the region of live poultry, hatching eggs, wild, zoo and circus animals", — stated in the message of Department.

It explains that under the ban also got poultry meat, egg powder, mélange, albumin and other food processing products: chicken, eggs, feathers, hunting trophies and some food.

In addition, others showing from July 13 to introduce a ban on deliveries to the Republic of pork products from the Tver region of Russia for registration there are cases of African swine fever. Restrictions affect imports of live pigs, pork, including meat of wild boar, by-products, leather, rogakopita and raw intestines, hair, hunting trophies obtained from the susceptible species of animals, feed and feed additives.

The Department has indicated the need to adopt additional control measures to provide biological protection of poultry and pig-breeding facilities in the country.


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