Belarus may export 1 MMT of grain


Belarus may supply some 1 MMT of grain to foreign markets this year, said Deputy Premier M. Rusy.

According to him, the export trade may contain roughly 1 MMT of grain and grain products, including carryovers. Also, he pointed out good demand for flour, whose exports are expected to exceed 200 KMT. In addition, Belarus exports groats and recently started exporting macaroni, informs UkrAgroConsult.

In the first half of the year, the country boosted agricultural exports by 16.6% in value terms. The deputy premier stressed that very much attention is paid to agricultural export issues. Active work is being carried out for search of end markets. No stocks are available at warehouses.

As a reminder, the grain harvest in Belarus is drawing to an end and, according to current information of the Ag Ministry, the crop is up 8% year-on-year at over 7.5 MMT.



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