Belarus may reduce consumption of Ukrainian meal


This year’s spring unsettled farmers in many of Europe’s countries, including Belarus with its desire to reduce the import dependence of the market of rapeseed and its products.

In season 2017/18, Belarus is trying again to hit a new high. So, winter rape was planted on 352.7 Th ha in the fall of 2017 (including 331.1 Th ha seeded for grain) that is a three-year high. For example, plantings of winter rape totaled just 264 Th ha a year earlier.

The 2017 winter survival results allow making the most optimistic crop forecasts, despite of unfavorable conditions in spring, UkrAgroConsult notes.

However, this harvest will nevertheless fall short of the agriculture’s needs for processed products. Noteworthy, although the current season is not yet over, rapeseed stocks in Belarus are already at zero. Thus, next season the rapeseed shortage in Belarus will be offset primarily by Ukraine.

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