Belarus planning to expand corn sowings by 38%


Belarus. Productive soil moisture content in the 0-20 cm and 0-50 cm layers is good for crop growing in most of Belarus. The soil is still too wet in some areas, but locally its productive moisture content has lowered to satisfactory levels. The top 10-cm layer is well moistened in most of the country. However, too high air temperatures lead to intensive loss of moisture from the top soil. Spring fieldwork and planting are complicated in such fields, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Early spring cereals and pulses sowing pace is higher than in previous year. As of May 7, 980 Th ha were seeded to early spring cereals and pulses (96.2% of the plan) against 875.7 Th ha at the same time in 2017 (93.4%).

139.3 Th ha had been sown to grain corn (86.6% of the plan) compared to 101.2 Th ha by the same date in 2017 (87.1%). It was planned to expand planting acreage of corn to 161 Th ha in the current year against last year’s 116 Th ha, 45 Th ha (38%) more than in previous year.



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