Belarus. Sowing pace is in line with last year


Due to a sharp temperature drop, crop weather conditions in Belarus deteriorated again. The cold weather stopped crop development and curb emergence of spring crops. In the south of the country, where winter rape has started blooming, flowers may get damaged in field depressions. Ahead of the cold spell, early-sown corn – which is most susceptible to frost events –managed to emerge in the south.

The state and moisture content in the 10-cm top soil layer in Belarus as of the morning of May 11, 2017.

In many parts of Vitebsk region and, according to a number of weather stations, in the center and south-west of the country, the soil continues to be too wet. Short-term snow cover developed in the north-western half of Belarus on May 11. The weather conditions hamper field work progress. Under the impact of coldness, the top soil temperature is below +10°C that is unfavorable for planting heat-loving crops.

According to the Ag Ministry of Belarus, as of May 15, early spring cereals and pulses were already sown on an area of 912.7 Th ha (101.6% of the plan) that is 3% less than on the same date last year (939.5 Th ha).

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