Belarus still hopes to reduce meal import costs


Providing the livestock sector with protein of own production remains a topical issue for Belarus. The nation currently spends up to USD 500 Ml a year on soybean meal purchases for feeding cattle, hogs and poultry, said Dmitry Luzhinsky, science deputy director general of the Farming Center of the National Academy of Sciences.

“The prospects for the reducing foreign currency expenditures are available. At the moment, we, as breeders, actively work on developing highly productive varieties of pulses. These are relatives of soya, which grow in our conditions very well. The most wide-spread ones include peas, lupine, vetch,” said the expert.

In the opinion of the breeders, lupine grain is a real substitute to soybean meal. In case of allocating some 350 Th ha to pulses, it will be possible to spend two or three times less foreign currency on soybean purchases than now.



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