Belarus temporarily bans pork imports from Kherson Region due to ASF outbreaks


Belarus has imposed temporary restrictions on the import deliveries of live pigs, pork and derived products from Kherson Region due to the outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF).

This has been said in a relevant order of March 17, 2017, published on the website of the Department of Veterinary and Food Control at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

“From March 18, 2017, temporary restrictions were imposed on the import deliveries of live pigs, pork and derived products, including rawhide, raw casings, bristles, wild boar meat, hunting trophies obtained from susceptible animals, feeds and feed additives of vegetable and animal origin, including poultry and fish, used equipment for the transportation of pigs and raw materials (products) of animal origin, handling and butchering of pigs from Kherson Region (Ukraine) to the Republic of Belarus,” the order states.

In addition, the import deliveries of feed additives and ready-made feeds for cats and dogs, which were heat-treated and made from pork and its by-products originating in Kherson Region, were also banned.


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