Belarus to start grain harvesting next week


Belarus is set to start harvesting grain crops and legumes next week, Andrei Zanevsky, the head of the main directorate for crop production at the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus, told BelTA.

“We believe that colder weather as compared to last year and higher dampness will not have a negative impact on the bulk of grain crops. We expect to harvest as much grain and leguminous crops as last year,” said Andrei Zanevsky. “Mass harvesting campaign will, presumably, begin next week. This may be earlier in Gomel Oblast and later in Vitebsk Oblast,” he noted.

The phases of the development of agricultural crops is longer this year because of colder weather. “This year the planting season started later than last year. Respectively, harvest time will arrive later too. For example, as of 17 july last year we had more than 3% of the areas under crops harvested,” he said.

According to Andrei Zanevsky, winter barley is being harvested in some parts of Belarus. As of 17 July, with the area of more than 6,300 hectares under this crop and yield at 41.7 centners per hectare, over 26,400 tonnes of winter barley has been cropped. Farmers got down to harvesting winter rapeseed for grain. As of date the yield is at 19.7 centners per hectare; 58,000 tonnes of rapeseed has been threshed and 29,500 hectares reaped (10.8% of the areas under this crop).



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