Belarus. Unstable weather will put off the start of fieldwork


The slow advance of spring processes causes a delay in snow melting and soil thawing. Snow-covered winter crops continue spending nutrients and the plants will become weaker by the time of growth resumption. No snow is left in Grodno, Brest regions, southern and western parts of Minsk region and in the west of Vitebsk region. According to the latest observations, in most of the country the soil is frozen to depths ranging from 15-20 cm to 40-45 cm, even to as deep as 65-70 cm in some north-western areas. The soil freezing depth decreased in the south-west. However, the thawed upper layer of soil freezes again due to below-zero temperatures at night.

The frozen soil layer is at most 10 cm thick in most parts of Gomel and in the east of Brest region.

Unstable early April weather with alternating brief warm and cold spells will continue to delay soil thawing and maturing and consequently the start of fieldwork. This spring’s weather conditions result in a tighter agronomically optimum schedule of sowing early spring crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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