Belarus. Variable, rainy weather slows down ripening of grains


Most of winter cereals and spring barley are at the ripening stages. They are already waxy ripe, even fully ripe in many parts of Gomel region and in the south of Minsk region. Grain filling in the above-mentioned crops continues in the north of Belarus, while spring wheat and oats are at this stage in most of the country. Grain humidity in ripening crops is still primarily at above-normal levels of 20% to 30% and even higher.

In Gomel region and in the south of Minsk region, grain humidity in fully mature cereals is at standard and somewhat higher levels of 12% to 18%.

Variable, rainy weather expected till the end of the current season will slow down grain ripening and drying, as well as the harvest. Humidity of harvested grain will be mostly above standard.




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