Belarus. Weather conditions were fair for winter crops


The weather developments in the first half of the winter were fair for winter crops. Following snowfalls on January 13-16, winter crops appeared covered with up to 20-25 cm of snow in most of the country. Its depth even reached 30 cm in some central and northern areas.

Late in the last week, snow cover melted a little and became more compact due to a thaw. In most northern and south-western parts of Belarus the soil is frozen to depths from 15 cm to 30 cm, even to 35-46 cm in some districts of Vitebsk region and in the north-west of Minsk region. In the remainder of Belarus the soil is frozen mainly to less than 10 cm. In snow-covered winter crop plantings with just slightly frozen soil the temperature at the tillering node depth is above optimal values. This causes plants to consume more reserve nutrients.

A brief cold-spell expected in the middle of the current week will pose no threat to winter crops in view of snow cover present in the fields, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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