Belarus will join the Russian system of control of vegetables


Belarus will soon connect to the Russian control system of vegetable production "mercury", said Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy

Earlier it was reported that the Rosselkhoznadzor at the request of the Belarusian side will be able to trace products from Belarus from the border to the place of sale. It is expected that this measure will help to avoid claims of the Belarusian side, because the entire path will be traced in the information system "Argus" and "mercury".

"Meat and milk we have worked with Russian colleagues interaction. They helped us to adapt and we have for the third year running the system "Argus". The system works online. Once appeared on the border meat or dairy products, it can see all directions at once – where she went, and so on. Soon will be finalized this system for produce. "Mercury" it is called", — said brown.

However, he said that the accusations against Belarus in re-export of fruits not unfounded. "Yeah, sounds that potatoes, for example, sold twice... today we Have 600 thousand tons of fine potatoes lies in the vaults and we export. Today we have plenty of carrots, cabbage, onions. All this we can show that is to show what lies in the vaults" — he said.


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