Belarus. Winter grains sowing


Dry weather during the second half of September triggered further decline in soil moisture stocks. Almost across the all territory of Gomel, in most areas of Brest, in the south-east of Mogilev region topsoil was almost completely withered that was unfavorable for winter crops sowing and sprouts emergence.

In some regions soil moisture deficit hindered sprouts emergence. In the Gomel region thinned sprouts of winter rapeseed were noted due to soil drought observed for more than two months.

Improved conditions for soil cultivation and germination were noted in the north-east and in some center regions of the country, where the upper 10-cm soil layer remains moderately wet.  Winter crops sprouts appeared in 6-8 days after sowing here.

During the third decade of September expected rainfall should replenish soil moisture stocks. The predominance of low-temperature conditions will hinder crops development.

According to Belarusian AgMin by September, 26 985.3 Th ha or 73.3% of the plan had been seeded. By the same date in 2015 1006.9 Th ha had been sown (81.4%) 

This year farmers plan to increase winter grains area by 8.8% - to 1345.1 Th ha.

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