Belarusian farmers cannot complete planting of early spring cereals because of too wet soil


Warm dry weather in most of the country over the recent days contributed to drying and warming of the top soil. According to the latest information, the top 10-cm soil layer is mainly moderately wet and +10°C warm or even warmer. This temperature promotes emergence and further development of crops. The conditions are going to be favorable for corn planting, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The soil continues to be too wet in much of Vitebsk region, still hampering field work progress there.  In the south-easternmost part of Gomel region, where precipitation shortages have been persisted since long ago, light soils are poorly wetted in their top layer. Rainfalls expected in the coming days must replenish soil moisture content there.

Weather will deteriorate this week again because of a cold snap. Crop development will slow down.

According to the Ag Ministry of Belarus, as of May 8, early spring cereals and pulses were already sown on an area of 881.6 Th ha (94% of the plan) that is 4.7% less than on the same date last year (924.7 Th ha). At the same time, pulses were sown on 178.7 Th ha (51.2% of the plan) and corn for grain on 105.2 Th ha (90.6% of the plan).

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