Belgium. Record year for the potato processing sector


BELGAPOM, which represents the Belgian potato trade and processing, unveiled the figures for 2016, which is the record year for the sector.
In 2016, the Belgian sector transformed 4.4 million tons of potatoes, up by 11% from 3.97 million tons by 2015. The production of frozen French fries closed the year with 1.68 million tons produced, ie + 14.3% compared to 2015. Production of chilled French fries totaled 234 700 tons, ie 3.5% higher than in 2015; Other products (chips, puree products, flakes, etc.) reached 468 513 tons, ie 1.7%.
Another record in 2016: the amount of investments that confirms confidence in the future. Approximately € 310 million (+ 85% compared to the previous record year of 2015) was invested in quantitative and qualitative innovations.


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