Belraps to consolidate all fat-and-oil plants in Belarus


As reported by UkrAgroConsult before, it is planned to found a fat-and-oil holding, Belraps, within the framework of the Program of social and economic development of Belarus for 2016-2020.

The project is under development now. Belarusan market participants say the state-owned holding will comprise all the fat-and-oil plants in the country, including the Vitebsk oil-extraction plant, the Bobruysk oil-extraction plant, the Bobruysk vegoil plant, the Hrodno fat-and-oil plant, HrodnoBioproduct, the Minsk margarine plant and Agroproduct Trading House. Experts point out that 102 companies currently operate in this sector of Belarus.

Rapeseed cultivation in Belarus has been going the way of a planted acreage reduction for a fourth consecutive year now. It is aggravated by high winter loss rates. Provision with rapeseed and its products continues to be a topical issue in the country now. The holding will be created in order to solve respective problems of the sector by pursuing coordinated financial, investment and production policies and to give it an impetus for future development.



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