Bioethanol — the best way of Ukrainian sugar industry development


Experts call the bioethanol production at Gnidava Sugar Refinery in Lutsk as one of the examples of production that moves towards Ukraine's energy independence.

It is reported by the press service of the company.

«This project is necessary for Ukraine. We get energy resource from our molasses, which can replace 50 thousand tonnes of oil in a year», — says Rostyslav Novosad, the General Director of Gnidava Sugar Refinery.

The produced bioethanol can be used to partially replace traditional gasoline in automotive fuel, and also as a solvent for varnishes, paints and car washes.

Moreover, experts call the bioethanol production as almost the only way of domestic sugar industry development. Sugar refineries are heavily dependent on sugar prices that often fluctuate, and the production expansion to the closed cycle helps to achieve better results.

The company in Lutsk points out the energy-saving and ecological effect of this project. Expected results — reduction of energy consumption by about 30%; increase in productivity by 15-18%, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by future consumers of the product — up to 30 thousand tonnes per year.


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