Biogas and bioethanol — "alternative" earnings for sugar industry


Sugar industry can generate additional profits. So, in Ukraine, as well as in the world, bioenergy production is gaining in popularity.

«In Ukraine about 11% of biomass is used for bioenergy production. As for the sugar beet pulp, it is only 4% of the potential», — commented Oleksandr Nikolayenko, the head of the department for investments attraction in sustainable development, EBRD.

He noticed that European Bank for Reconstruction and Development not only permits producers to attract grants for the introduction of bioenergy production technologies, but also provides support to the government for the legislative framework improving.

The head of «Biopek» LLC Yuriy Pronyk shared his practical experience in production.

«Bioethanol is very necessary for Ukraine. It is not only the gasoline addition, its advantage, above all, is the economy and ecology improvement», — he emphasized.

By-products (molasses, green molasses and diffusion juice) of «Gnidava Sugar Refinery», with which the project is jointly implemented, are used for the bioethanol production.

Packaging is a kind of sugar business diversification. Inna Vlasiyk, General Director of «Zakhidna Tsukrova Grupa» LLC, told about its advantages and prospects.

«This direction should be analyzed, as the market, like the world, is constantly changing. Consumers demand more quality and safer product. Today, the government raises requirements for products on the store shelves, to their packaging, as well as the industrial producers don't stand on the sidelines and improve their quality», — she said.


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