Black Sea countries: Belarus & Moldova. Crops threatened by soil moisture shortage


BELARUS. The topsoil moisture content in significant part of Belarus is moderate. It is too high in many areas across Vitebsk region, which received the highest precipitation rates. As rainfalls are brief and unevenly distributed, the soil is still short of moisture in some parts of the south and in single central and western areas, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Most of winter grain plantings are still at the stage of stem growth. The formation of internodes and heads is under way. Heading has begun in the south and west of the country, even flowering is observed in some areas. Winter rape plants are forming the first pods. The development of winter crops noticeably outstrips the progress of last year. Spring cereals have come to the stem elongation and growth stage. Tillering continues in late-sown crops in the northern half of the country.

As precipitation shortfalls are expected in dryness-hit areas, the agrometeorological conditions for yield formation, primarily in grain crops, will not improve in the near future. The soil will continue losing moisture.

MOLDOVA. It was warmer than usual in the country on May 21-27, though precipitation rates were far below normal. The average weekly air temperature was 2-4°С above normal, at +19…+21ºС – this occurs on average once in 3-5 years. The highest air temperature was registered at +30ºС, while the lowest one dropped to +5.9ºС. Over the week, 60% of Moldova received 1-9 mm of precipitation (10-65% of normal), while it was dry in the rest of the country.

Because of the precipitation deficit over the week, the conditions for crop growing were rather unfavorable in many parts of the country. Crops develop largely two weeks ahead of the usual pace.

Winter crops continued flowering during the week. Corn was still at the leaf formation stage this past week. It already has 5-7 leaves per plant in most areas, locally even 9 leaves. Sunflower plants continued the formation of further leaves. The emergence of inflorescence is seen in single areas.

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