Black Sea countries ousting "old-timers" from market of pulses


The main theses from the report of Sergei Feofilov at the Second International Conference "Legumes. Facing Global Demand".

The Black Sea region has taken leading positions in the world markets of grains, oilseeds and sunflower oil for several years. And it should be noted that in the market of pulses, the role of the Black Sea countries has been also constantly growing.

In particular, in 2017 the total production of peas in Russia and Ukraine allowed to provide nearly 30% of the world's gross crop, compared to 21% in 2016.

russia, ukraine pulses

The recent consolidation of the region’s position became possible owing to increased production of peas in Russia and Ukraine, chickpeas – in Russia and lentils – in Kazakhstan. Over the past five seasons, the production of pulses in the region has almost doubled from 2.53 MMT in 2013 to 5.46 MMT in 2017.

The export of pulses is an extremely important aspect, which ensures high profitability of their cultivation, and further prospects of the Black Sea region in the market of pulses. Currently, the Black Sea region’s share in the world exports of pulses in around 26%.

Black Sea region’s export pulses

UkrAgroConsult believes that the Black Sea region’s role in the world market of pulses will continue to grow. The further increase in world consumption, attractive price trends, the need to restore crop rotation after oilseeds cultivation, new trends of healthy diet using pulses are the main drivers for the further development of this market segment.



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