Black Sea exports of peas is under threat


On Wednesday, November 8, the government of India announced the imposition on a 50% duty on pea imports because of low domestic prices for pulses. India purchases peas mostly from Canada, Russia, USA, France and Ukraine, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The duty shall be applied to cargoes that have not yet passed customs clearance. According to market participants, 5-6 ships loaded with peas will arrive in India’s ports within the coming ten days, and they shall be charged with the new duty.

India will reduce pea imports considerably within the coming few months. It should be pointed out that the key suppliers have already reported a slowdown in this season’s pea purchases by India because of a bumper crop of Indian pulses.

A similar trend is observed in Ukrainian pea exports to the above-mentioned destination.  Ukraine exported 104.4 KMT to India in July-October 2017/18, or 5.4% less than at the same time last year.

More details are presented in UkrAgroConsult’s new monthly report “Pulse Crops”.



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