Black Sea region. Growing conditions for winter crops are favorable


Ukraine. Agrometeorological conditions after April 20 were generally favorable for winter crops in Ukraine. All crops have entered a period of active growth. It was accelerated by the build-up of warmth.

Plants of winter wheat are at the beginning of the 5th stage of organogenesis (stem elongation), reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Irrigated Farming Institute, high temperatures, low relative air humidity combined with a wind increase and the absence of precipitation caused intense loss of soil moisture in Kherson region due to evaporation and transpiration. Evaporation from the water surface reached 6 mm on some days. Consequently, the top 0-10 cm layer of soil has become dry. Productive soil moisture content in the 0-20 cm layer in winter wheat plantings decreased to 8 mm and lower – this means the beginning of soil drought.

The dry weather accelerated the development of winter wheat plants there. Winter crops are at the stem elongation stage in most areas; the flag leaf is beginning to emerge in their plants in some fields.

Russia. Warm weather set in across most of European Russia in early April. Towards April 11, maximum air temperatures peaked at +10…15°C in the west of the North-Western district, in most parts of the Central district and in the south of the Volga federal district. The average daily air temperature was 2-4°C above normal.

After April 20, winter crops enjoyed fair conditions for completing their wintering season. The lowest soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter crops (3 cm) was mainly -3…0°C. Late in the month, snow was only seen in single northern areas. Spring planting in the southernmost areas of the Central district started on April 8-10.

The Southern and North Caucasian federal districts were exposed to variable weather in April. Warm days alternated with cold ones, air and ground frost of down to -3…-1°C occurred at some nights. Winter cereals in most parts of the Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts grew throughout the month. The agrometeorological conditions were basically favorable for growth of winter crops, the latter had good moisture supply. Crop condition is good, locally fair.

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