Black Sea region: high production – low quality?


This season wheat quality issues are particularly acute. UkrAgroConsult constantly follows the situation in all countries of the region and continues to publish analytical materials on the question.

An increase in feed grain supply from the Black Sea countries is a characteristic feature of the current season. The growth of milling wheat share in Ukraine will be offset by increased feed wheat production in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Traditionally, Kazakhstan produces grain of highest quality compared to other Black Sea region countries. However, it turned out that more than half of the obtained wheat crop is low-quality, due to several factors.

As UkrAgroConsult mentioned before, Russian wheat quality has also declined in Russia, mainly due to high soil moisture during grain filling stage. Grain quality deteriorated in Russia for several consecutive seasons.

Aside from other Black Sea countries Ukraine stands out both for its higher production and quality compared to last year. Still there are some problems…

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