Black Sea region. USDA raised its 2017 grain crop estimates to record levels


In the August forecast, the USDA upwardly revised its 2017/18 grain production and export estimates for the Black Sea region, reports UkrAgroConsult.

So, the wheat production and export forecasts for Ukraine, following their reduction a month earlier, were increased to 26.5 MMT (+2.5 MMT) and 16 MMT (+2 MMT), respectively. Also, the wheat production and export estimates for Russia were revised to record levels of 77.5 MMT (+5.5 MMT) and 31.5 MMT (+1 MMT), respectively. The wheat production forecast for Kazakhstan was increased by 1 MMT to 14 MMT and the export forecast by 500 KMT to 7.5 MMT.

The rise in estimates for Black Sea grain production and exports concerned barley, too. The USDA raised its barley production and export estimates for Ukraine to 8.7 MMT (+1.5 MMT) and 4.4 MMT (+900 KMT), respectively. For Russia, the barley production and export forecasts were increased again to 18.5 MMT (+1 MMT) and 3.8 MMT (+200 KMT), respectively.



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