Brazil may become the world's leading supplier of meat


Analysts predict that the country has a chance to become a major exporter of meat to the world market in the next 10 years

The country's economic growth will slow to 3.5% this year, experts predict, and this affects the purchasing power of the local population. In addition, economic instability in many world regions is putting pressure on consumers around the world.

As for Brazilian consumers, analysts say, they increasingly pay attention to quality of production, so local meat producers should focus on production and supply in the domestic market with quality meat products at affordable prices. Only this strategy will help many local meat processors to stay afloat during the economic recession.

Given the uncertainty in the economic future of the country and the rather low commitment of consumers to a particular brand, analysts say that the basic rate for Brazilian meat producers should be on the price and quality advantages of their products, in particular, on their health benefits.

As in many other countries, nutritional value of a product is an important factor when choosing a product to Brazilian consumers. And foods high in protein are becoming more popular among the local population. Fresh/chilled meat is the most popular meat product in the Brazilian market – it accounts for about 59% of total sales in the meat market.


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