Brazil. New ranking of the most exported fruits


Brazilian fruit exports in the first quarter of 2017 showed very positive results, even setting records never seen during this period.
According to COMEX DO BRASIL, six fruits (melons, lemons, mangoes, papayas, watermelons, grapes) set records for their export volumes during the first quarter of 2017, based on SECEX data (Secretaria de Comércio Exterior).
Compared with the same period last year, volumes of exported melon increased by + 29%, lemons by + 13%, mangoes by + 32%, papaya by + 20%, watermelons by + 38% and grapes by + 877%.
These excellent results stem from the particularly favorable climatic conditions in Brazil in 2016, which favored fruit development. These abundant crops with good quality products have mechanically boosted the export volumes that have been able to satisfy international demand.


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