Brazil overtakes India as top beef exporter


Brazil has exceeded India as the world’s biggest beef exporter, thanks to the recent ban imposed on the sale and transportation of live animals across the country. According to Arshad Ali Quddus, proprietor of Al Quddus Sons International, a Delhi-based buffalo meat exporter: “After the ban slaughtering and export of buffalo meat has stopped.

India has, therefore, lost almost the entire buffalo meat export market to Brazil, Australia and the US. Brazil is likely to gain the most.” Data compiled by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Apeda) showed India’s buffalo meat exports declined by 11.4% from a year before to 86,119 tonnes this April. For 2016-17, exports stood at 1.33 million tonnes worth USD 3.93 billion. About 50% went to Vietnam, followed by Malaysia and Egypt.


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