Brazil’s Abiove wants quotas for Brazilian soybean meal in five Asian countries


The Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (Abiove) has revealed that it intends to negotiate quotas of soybean meal exports with five Asian countries: China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and South Korea. “We want to sensitize the Asian governments to put quotas of added value in their imports,” said the president of Abiove, Carlos Lovatelli, in a statement.

By that measure, the industry seeks to guarantee a greater supply of soybean meal in Brazil in the coming years. In three years, the biodiesel mixture would jump to 10 percent, which would generate 400,000 tons more of soybean oil demand. “The volume of meal will increase due to the level of oil for biodiesel. There will be more meal and we have to export it,” explains Lovatelli.

According to Abiove, there already was some talks ongoing with China and the country may establish a quota of five million metric tons. The soybean meal production in Brazil has reduced 3.4 percent this year to 29.7 million metric tons with exports dropping to 14.3 million metric tons, which is 3.35 percent less. This happened because of less domestic demand for meat, especially poultry. In the view of Abiove, the situation tends to improve in 2017.


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