Brazilian Q1 sugar exports in containers up 14% year on year to 591,121 mt


Brazilian sugar shipments in containers in the first quarter were 14% higher year on year at 591,121 mt, which was down 10% from Q4 2016, data from shipping agency Williams Brazil showed.

The port of Santos accounted for 92% of the total volume, or 544,263 mt, up 15% year on year.

The balance was exported through other Brazilian ports, mainly via Suape and Paranagua ports, which exported 24,749 mt and 12,074 mt, respectively.

The main destination of the exports was Myanmar with 125,560 mt, followed by South Africa with 55,331 mt. The balance was sent to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central America and North America.

In 2016, Brazilian shipments in containers totaled 2.86 million mt, up 32% from 15.

The Yemen was the top destination of Brazilian exports in containers in 2016, with 509,603 mt.

The second main destination was Myanmar with 349,258 mt. In third was Sri Lanka with 329,778 mt.

The majority of exports of sugar in containers is crystal sugar, also known as whites. Brazil exports mainly raw sugar in bulk vessels.

Brazilian sugar exports in containers have increased due to higher demand and lack of alternative for buyers, according to a sugar trader.

Brazil was the largest white sugar producer with availability to export last year.

Over January-March, sugar exports through all modes of transport (road, containers and vessels) totaled 5.63 million mt, down 0.3% year on year, data from the foreign trade ministry showed.

Export prices averaged $440.54/mt FOB, up from an average of $295.74/mt FOB over the same period last year.

In 2016, Brazil exported 28.93 million mt of sugar, up 20%, at an average price of $360.69 FOB, up 13%.

The highest average price was $589/mt FOB in 2011.


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