Brazil's Parana sugarcane crush in H2 June down 7.2% on year: Alcopar


The amount of sugarcane crushed in Brazil's Parana state in the second half of June was 3.1 million mt, down 7.2% from a year ago but up from 1.2 million mt two weeks earlier, data from the Bioenergy Producers Association of Parana (Alcopar) showed Monday.

The drier weather in H2 June favored the crush, while in H1 June the harvesting was disrupted by rains.

The state is the fifth largest sugarcane producer in the key Center-South region, the largest sugarcane and sugar producing area in the world.

The 2017-18 sugarcane season in Center-South started on April 1. The cane's total recoverable sugar (ATR) in H2 June was 130.22 kg/mt of cane, down 1.88 kg/mt from a year ago and down 8.55 kg/mt from H1 June.

The percentage of the total cane crushed that was directed to produce ethanol was 38.03%, compared with 42.26% during the same period last year.

Ethanol production totaled 88.8 million liters, down 18% on the year, but up from just 39 million liters in H1 June.

Of that total, hydrous amounted to 43.3 million liters, while the balance was anhydrous.

The balance of the cane was used to produce 239,337 mt of sugar, down 1.8% on the year but up 149% from the first half of June.

Producers have directed more cane to sugar at the expense of ethanol as sugar in the domestic and export market has paid better than ethanol.

In the first three months of the season, sugarcane crushed totaled 10.37 million mt, down 26% from same period last year, Alcopar said.

The amount crushed represents 28.2% of the total volume expected to be crushed during this season, according to Alcopar estimates released in May at 36.76 million mt.

The percentage of cane allocated to produce ethanol so far this season was 42.70%, compared with 45.16% in the same period last season, with the balance diverted to sugar.

Ethanol output totaled nearly 326 million liters, down 32% on the year, while total sugar production amounted to 721,058 mt, down 25% on the year.

Of total ethanol, 148 million liters were anhydrous, down 25.5% on the year, and the balance, 178 million liters, was hydrous, down 36.5% on the year.

The accumulated ATR was 126.81 kg/mt, down from 129.43 kg/mt over the same period a year ago.


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