Brexit unleashes uncertainty on Thailand's chicken exports


The European Union has granted Thailand a quota of 270,000 tonnes per annum for chicken meat, in which around 140,000 tonnes are exported to the UK, Kukrit Arepagorn, Manager of the Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association said. In the short term, Brexit has reduced Thai chicken export prices because the pound has fallen and clients have bargained for lower prices.

“Before Brexit, our export price of raw chicken meat to the UK was USD 2,400-2,500 a tonne. After Brexit, it has fallen to USD 2,300-2,400 and it may fall further,” he told Asian Agribiz. If the UK decides not to set an import quota and open its market to competition, “it will be more difficult for Thai producers due to address competition, especially with lower prices from Chinese producers,” Mr Kukrit added.



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