Bright outlook for frozen red meat in Indonesia


The frozen red meat industry in Indonesia is expected to grow by more than 10% this year, according to Ahmad Hadi, Chairman of the Indonesian Meat Distributors Association (ADDI). Provinces with limited cattle population such as Jakarta, West Java and Banten will be the centres of growth for frozen red meat, he predicted. “Previously, frozen red meat was only regarded as an alternative. Look at the meatball industry for instance. Previously all players used fresh beef.

Now 90% are using frozen meat because of convenience and consistent quality,” Mr Hadi told Asian Agribiz. Since the government allows imports of frozen Indian buffalo meat by the State Logistics Agency (Bulog), ADDI members now distribute about 40% frozen buffalo meat, while the rest is beef from Australia, New Zealand and the US, and fresh chilled beef from local slaughterhouses.


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