British farmers are preparing for the era of post-Brexit


To raise productivity of agriculture and improving its competitiveness are the main objectives of the new three-year strategy for the British promotion development of agriculture (AHDB)

This strategy was designed to help the British agricultural sector to prepare for era of post-Brexit (British exit from the EU), when farmers will be more exposed to global challenges.

The Central element is the creation of a platform "farms of excellence" designed to improve the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders. It also involves the extension of monitoring network of farms, focus farms and strategic farms across the country.

AHDB is also planning to increase the efficiency of use of funding for scientific research more closely with agro-technical centers and research councils UK.

According to the Executive Director of the AHDB, Jane king, the goal is to ensure a successful combination of research, knowledge exchange, skills development, market development and economic analysis in all agricultural sectors of the country.

"In order to become producers of agricultural products world-class, British farmers must become more productive - not only from the point of view of crops or bred cattle, and from the point of view of production methods and resources that are used, she said. — There is a need to tie together the fragmented exchange of knowledge and experience in the industry, to foster innovation and best practices. AHDB can be the basis for this".

Help business the ability to react to consumer trends is another key element of the new strategy AHDB as the development of exports.


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