Bulgaria and Romania. Winter crops conditions and spring planting campaign


Bulgaria. Barley plantings down 36% from last year

399 Th ha had been sown to grain corn by May 17, 2018, 1% less than it was sown on the same date last year (402.1 thousand hectares were sown). Spring barley was planted on 2.6 Th ha (4.1 Th ha in 2017), oats – on 7.6 Th ha (10 Th ha). Pea seeding is 5% ahead of last year’s pace. 28.5 Th ha had been seeded to this crop by the reporting date (27.2 Th ha in 2017), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Farmers continue herbicide spraying of crops and fertilization of winter crops.

According to the latest updates, 2018 harvest areas of winter crops will total 1264.6 Th ha, including 1142 Th ha of winter wheat (up 4% from 1096.6 Th ha in MY 2016/17), 115.7 Th ha of winter barley (down 11% from last season’s 129.8 Th ha), and 6.9 Th ha of winter rye (up 10% from last season’s 6.3 Th ha). 

Romania. A precipitation deficit in the north-east and south-east causes concern about spring crops

Increased air temperatures persisted in Romania throughout the reporting week. They were 4-6°С above their multi-year normal values in northern and central parts of the country.

Throughout the week, daytime air temperatures varied within a range of +15..+25°С, but on May 25 it reached +30°С in the south. Precipitation occurred mostly in the west and south-west (10-35 mm over the week), where moisture supply is at sufficient and optimum levels. Some fields are waterlogged. Excessive warmth and precipitation shortages lead to further development of moderate and severe soil drought in the northern-east and south-east.

Winter crops are now largely in good condition. Wheat and barley are at the stage of flowering, locally at milk ripeness. Winter rape plants are at the stage of seed formation in the pods and at early flowering, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Sunflower plants have developed 5-13 leaves, even budding is observed in some fields. Corn is at the stage of 4-11 leaves.

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