Bulgaria exports doubled in Russia since the beginning of 2017

The increase in the supply of Bulgarian goods to Russia is the first time since the start of the sanctions
The volume of exports from Bulgaria to Russia for the period from January to September of 2017 amounted to 1.129 billion leva (about 580 million euros), which is 103% higher than the same period in 2016. Such data are the national statistical Institute of Bulgaria.
As reported, the growth of the Bulgarian export to Russia marked the first time in 2014, when the Republic joined the EU sanctions against Russia, and Moscow has imposed retaliatory food embargo.
From the message of the NSI implies that Russia today is among the main trade partners of Bulgaria among the countries outside the European Union, along with Turkey, China, Serbia, Macedonia and the USA. Those countries account for more than half of Bulgarian exports outside the EU.
We will remind, in September, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov said that Bulgaria intends to raise the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia under the presidency of the EU Council, which goes to the Republic for six months from the beginning of 2018.
Later, the Minister of the Bulgarian presidency of the EU Council iliyana Pavlova has confirmed that the Republic's authorities consider the issue of lifting sanctions as "a priority". "This issue will be discussed in a variety of formats, it will be analysed what kind of damage to the economy, these sanctions are inflicted in order to find the best solution to this issue and to solve this problem," she said.
Bulgaria was among the countries in which business is seriously affected as a result of the EU sanctions and retaliatory Russian embargo. The damage suffered in the first place, the Bulgarian agricultural producers. Against the backdrop of sanctions have reduced Russian imports, and the volume of foreign direct investment from Russia.
However, the authorities of the Republic successively pursue a foreign policy that is strictly conforming to the General course of the EU. Despite the already long-standing desire of the leadership of Bulgaria to lift the sanctions, he Boyko Borisov stated that Bulgarian side will need to "find enough arguments" in order to advance their initiative and to "preserve the unity" of the EU.

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