Bulgaria. Grain prices continued growing


Growth of purchase prices was seen in Bulgaria’s grain market last week.

The milling wheat market is still the busiest of the grain markets. Export shipments continue at a previously settled pace, the demand from importers is unchanged as well. Export price for Bulgarian milling wheat with 11.5% protein closed the week up another $1 for February-March delivery. Domestic purchase prices gained $2 over the week. Bulgaria is estimated to have still some 550 KMT of wheat available for export. The bulk of this volume will most likely go beyond the EU borders, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Purchase prices for corn and feed wheat are on the rise despite sluggish sales. Crushers show demand but market supply is insufficient, particularly with regard to feed wheat. As before, no revival is reported in corn exports. Noteworthy, Bulgaria still has some 800 KMT of exportable corn at its disposal.

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