Bulgaria opened the wheat export market of Indonesia


In 2015/16 Bulgaria exported 3210 KMT of wheat, which was 6.5% higher than in 2014/15 MY - 3015 KMT.

Traditionally, main export markets for Bulgarian wheat are EU countries, particularly Spain, Italy, Greece and Romania. In 2015/16 Bulgaria increased shipments to domestic market of EU by 26% to 2.04 MMT against 1.61 MMT in 2014/15. Thus, share of EU in the export structure grew to 63% in 2015/16 (53% in the previous season).

Syria was not among the key importers in 2015/16, while in 2014/15 250 KMT was exported in this destination. Also exports decreased more than 4 times to Libya - to 88 KMT.

Apart from this, Bulgarian exporters opened the market of Indonesia, which is also a key destination for Ukraine, which imported 140 KMT of Bulgarian wheat.




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