Bulgaria. Pea seeding 7% ahead of last year’s pace


The temperature increase in May was favorable for seeding spring crops in Bulgaria, reports UkrAgroConsult. 382 Th ha had been sown to grain corn by May 10, 2018, 1% less than it was sown on the same date last year (387 thousand hectares were sown). Spring barley was planted on 2.6 Th ha (3.1 Th ha in 2017), oats – on 6.8 Th ha (9.7 Th ha). Pea seeding is 7% ahead of last year’s pace. 28.3 Th ha had been seeded to this crop by the reporting date (26.5 Th ha in 2017).

Farmers continue herbicide spraying of crops and fertilization of winter crops.

According to the latest updates, 2018 harvest areas of winter crops will total 1263.9 Th ha, including 1141.3 Th ha of winter wheat (up 4% from 1096.4 Th ha in MY 2016/17), 115.6 Th ha of winter barley (down 11% from last season’s 129.7 Th ha), and 6.9 Th ha of winter rye (up 10% from last season’s 6.2 Th ha). 

According to current information of Bulgaria’s Ag Ministry, 643.5 Th ha had been seeded to sunflower by May 10, 2018 versus 771.1 KMT a year ago (the year-on-year gap reduced to 16.6% against 20.5% a week ago), with 2.34 Th ha seeded to soya versus 8.3 Th ha a year ago (-71.8%).

Romania. Winter barley in the south proceeded to the milk ripeness stage

Air temperatures stayed within their multi-year normal range throughout the week. It was only some southeastern areas were the average air temperature exceeded its normal value by 2-4°С.

Air temperatures varied within a range of +15..+25°С over the week. They even exceeded +30°С on the border with Bulgaria on May 15.

The west of the country received excessive precipitation (35-65 mm over the week), while little precipitation was registered in the southern, eastern and central regions (5-10 mm).

Moisture content in the one-meter soil layer continues shrinking in the southern, eastern and central regions. A moderate soil drought is reported on vast expanses of the north-east. Moisture supply in the west and south-west of Romania is adequate and optimal, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter crops are mostly in good condition, according to Romania’s Ag Ministry. Winter barley and winter wheat are at the stage of heading, even at the beginning of flowering in the south. Winter barley is at milk ripeness in some fields. Winter rape has proceeded to the stage of seed formation everywhere.

Sunflower plants continue building up their leaf apparatus (4-11 leaves), as well as corn plants (4-10 leaves).

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