Bulgaria. Prospects for 2017/18 grain season


The current grain season is entering its final stage. The most noteworthy changes that happened in Bulgaria’s grain market include, first of all, a bumper harvest and record exports of wheat in 2016/17 season, while the barley and corn crops were at some of their lowest levels in recent several years.

Spring planting in Bulgaria is drawing to a close and the country’s grain crop prospects for this year can be assessed already now.

Bulgarian wheat plantings for the 2017 harvest shrank by 2.7%. Barley in Bulgaria continues following a downward trend. Ultimately, barley plantings in Bulgaria hit another low.

With regard to Bulgarian corn, in the opinion of UkrAgroConsult analysts, its planted acreage will also keep shrinking; at best it will stabilize this year.

Thus, UkrAgroConsult predicts the 2017 harvest of the three staple crops in Bulgaria to decrease 2-4% against 2016.

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