Bulgaria. Weather deterioration slowed down spring field work


Below-normal temperatures were reported in Bulgaria between April 18-22. Snowfalls and frost events occurred in some parts of North Bulgaria. Crop development slowed in view of these weather conditions, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Above-normal rainfalls, totaling on average 35-40 l/sq. m, were observed in many regions of the country on April 18-20. They substantially replenished moisture content in the 50-cm soil layer.

Winter wheat and barley are expected to proceed from shooting to the stem elongation stage in the coming week. Winter barley has already started stem elongation in some southern parts of the country. Winter rape is at the beginning of bloom, while spring sunflower and corn are at the seed germination stage.

It should be also pointed out that the weather deterioration slowed down spring field work in Bulgaria to some degree. However, owing to its early start, spring planting is still outpacing last year’s progress.

According to Bulgaria’s Ag Ministry, spring barley had been sown on 2.8 Th ha by April 13 that is 24.2% more than at the same time last year (2.25 Th ha). Corn sowing is 25.8% ahead last year’s pace. Corn for grain had been planted on 215.29 Th ha compared to 171.15 Th ha by the same time last year.

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