Bulgaria. Winter crops development slowed down due to cold weather


Air temperature decrease to lower than norm was observed during October 21-28 in Bulgaria. Winter crops development slowed down due to cold weather, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter wheat and barley sown in late September have moved to tillering stage. Crops seeded in the first half of October were at third leaf formation stage, while crops sown in the second half of October – at sprouts formation stage. Winter rapeseed was at leaf formation stage of development.

More favorable conditions for autumn sowing are seen in the South Bulgaria. In the west of the country winter wheat sowing was delayed, as in October precipitation amount was higher than monthly norm and topsoil waterlogging was observed.

According to Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, by October 20 winter wheat had been sown at 551.3 Th ha. The pace of sowing is 0.5% higher than in 2015. By the same date in 2015 winter wheat had been seeded at 548.7 Th ha.

Winter barley sowing pace was 25.1% behind the last year. By the reporting date winter barley had been sown at 69.5 Th ha against 92.8 Th ha in 2015.

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