Bunge will change the scheme of the grain business in Russia


The company will refuse to export through deep-sea ports on the Black sea and will focus on deliveries through its own Rostov grain terminal

Bunge by optimizing the grain business in Russia, focusing on work using own Rostov grain terminal, which handles vessels of "river-sea" cargo capacity up to 5,5 thousand tons, told "Kommersant" the General Director of open company "Bunge the CIS" Alexey Mechanic.

According to him, the regional offices of the company in Stavropol, Novorossiysk, Saratov and Odessa, which processed grain for shipment through a deep-water terminals on the Black sea, will be closed.

The reasons for business optimization, the company did not disclose. According to Mechanics, from Rostov-on-don, Bunge will continue to ship grain mainly in Turkey and the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The Bunge export from Russia due to business optimization will be reduced, he admits, zatrudnilisj to evaluate.

According to the Federal Center for grain quality assessment, last season Bunge took the 14th place in the list of the largest Russian exporters with a share of 2% (723 thousand tons). To the terminal in Rostov accounted for about 70-80% of this amount, estimated by one of the participants of the market.

About the company:

International company Bunge, founded in 1818, is now one of the leading agricultural holdings. The company's business covers the purchase and processing of grain and oil, food manufacturing, sugar refining, flour production, the sale of fertilizers.


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