Cambodia expects to yield 5 million tons of rice


This year, Cambodia will yield more than 5 million tons of rice, according to the Cambodian prime minister's projection.

Prime Minister Hun Sen projected this morning that the rice yields this year may higher than the previous year.

"After keeping some for local consumption and seeds, there would be about 5 million tons of paddy rice left for export this year's yield " he underlined at the inauguration ceremony of a portion of the National Road No. 76 held in Rattanakiri- a northeastern province.

At the same time, Premier Hun Sen also shared some suggestions to the farmers in order to prevent the rice price falling.

Premier Hun Sen encouraged the farmers to keep and dry up their rice yields well and said the rice price falling is not only happening in Cambodia, but other countries in the region and the world.

For the next year's rice export target, the premier encouraged the rice millers to see the potential destination, including EU, and China, and Vietnam.

During Chinese President Xi Jinping 's  visit, China pledged to buy the Cambodian rice until 200,000 tone, and in Octember under the  bilateral trade enhancement arrangement signed in Hanoi, Vietnam promised to buy some 300,000 ton of rice.

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